Science and Technical Editing

This service focuses on the small details of a document: spelling, grammar, sentence structure, and accessibility. Gerhardt Editorial offers proofreading services that cover a wide range of documents, including scientific manuscripts, grant proposals, white papers, journal cover letters, etc.

This service combs through documents to resolve problems with spelling, grammar, or sentence structure. It also examines how sentences, paragraphs, and sections flow. Lastly we address how clearly your main idea or hypothesis is communicated.

Areas of Specialization

  • biology (reproductive biology, cell biology, microbiology, molecular biology, structural biology, botany, etc.)
  • neurology
  • immunology
  • oncology
  • translational medicine
  • biotechnology
  • sustainable and energy technology
  • computer science and information technology


$100/hr for 5-7 business day turnaround. Rush (3-4 business day) and Priority (1-2 business day) options are available upon request.

The below times are estimates. An invoice that details the documents reviewed, time, and total fee is sent with the edited documents.

  • A grant proposal or journal manuscript around 6,000 words that has already been reviewed by internal lab or team members can take around 3 hours to proofread. In comparison, a rough draft of a proposal or manuscript around 6,000 words can take around 5-6 hours to proofread.
  • A manuscript review or journal cover letter (500-800 words) can take around 30 minutes to proofread.
  • A journal cover letter or career-related document (cover letter, resume, CV, NIH biosketch etc.) can take 45-90 minutes.

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